CPS provides sophisticated cash processing solutions which our customers expect to use for many years and even decades

During that time many things will change, staff, market trends, technology and IT platforms, currency usage and design, counterfeits, national policies and even entire regimes

For our customers CPS Service is their PARTNER through these changes for the lifetime of their solution, in order to:

  • Safeguard their REPUTATION
  • Optimise their EFFICIENCY
  • Protect their INVESTMENT

Our service agreements are tailored to suit individual customer needs and it is through this flexible approach that we are able to maximise your system availability, ensure system optimisation and identify opportunities for system advancement and value add process improvements.


Customer Benefits

Project implementation and management

Project implementation and management by utilising professional processes our project management team and implementation specialists work closely with our regional service and support teams to get your solution up and running to your requirements as quickly as possible

Skilled engineer support

Skilled engineer support which is on-site or field based, our engineers have the specialist training and industry knowledge to support ongoing process change and reengineering projects to maximise your production throughputs

Ongoing solution optimisation

Ongoing solution optimisation by working in close partnership with our customers to ensure that machine configuration, processing methodologies and solution upgrades are fully realised to consistently deliver maximum value to your operation, allowing you to enhance and optimise the services offered to your own customers

Comprehensive spares management

Comprehensive spares management through cost-effective spares and logistics services including secure storage facilities and expert stock management to ensure your spares supplies are maintained at an optimum level

Bespoke training

Bespoke training through comprehensive and certified training courses that are targeted to meet your specific operational needs, ensuring your engineers and service partners are trained to the highest levels, allowing you to develop the skills of your workforce and provide flexible support solutions

Global Knowledge Network

Global Knowledge Network our established global communication network ensures that knowledge and expertise from across the globe, between market segments and across CPS is shared among our regional service support teams, delivering best practice and continuous improvement directly to your cash processing sites