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Designed for central banks and printworks, our range of sophisticated banknote destruction solutions provides bespoke end-to-end destruction, conveying and collection systems. Each system is designed to guarantee the highest levels of operational security whilst maintaining the flexibility to meet the precise needs of the customer.

Their modular design means our solutions are configurable to best suit your needs including different substrates and volumes.



Central Banks

On-line shredding

Shredding units can be added to our used note sorters and single note inspection machines for secure on-line shredding of unfit banknotes.


Off-line granulation

Hand-fed or load-and-leave conveyor fed off-line granulation systems can be used to destroy larger bundles of banknotes and poor quality notes that can't be processed on the high speed sorters.


Bagging units

Bagging units can be used to collect shredded banknotes of any substrate from the on-line shredders and off-line granulators. The full bags are then taken away for landfill or incineration.


Briquetting solutions

For more compact destruction, shredded paper banknotes can be sent to a briquetter to be compacted, reducing the amount of space required for banknote shreds.



Banknote Printers

Off-line shredding of banknote sheets

For printworks specifically, we offer a sheet-shredder for shredding printed sheets of banknotes which can be used as a pre-process into the granulation machine.



Customer Benefits

Maintained desired condition of banknotes

The maintained desired condition of banknotes in circulation and ensured regulatory compliance through secure destruction of unfit banknotes

Improved operational security

Increased operational security with fully automated, closed loop destruction systems

Increased operational control and flexibility

Increased operational control and flexibility through bespoke solutions demonstrating a flexible workflow design and configuration

Lowered cost of ownership and increased efficiency

Lowered cost of ownership and increased efficiency through automated transfer of banknote shreds from the destruction solutions to collection systems

Destruction Solutions
Destruction Solutions